STOP PRESS summer 2013

A Big Thank You

Yoga clothing has closed down and we are moving to pastures new.

However, we still have a few yoga clothes left in stock: Summer 2013 Inventory to see the latest list and please ring for more details 01507 526591

Ali is still continuing with the Yoga Studio and teaching classes of yoga for all abilities. The Yoga Studio web site can be found here. The web site contains full details of the classes and the events such as the Chill-Out Days and other special days.

There are 2 lines that we are still carrying on as normal - SHIATSU TROUSERS and MEDITATION CUSHIONS. Also Alison is happy to quote for printing T. Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, etc. either for personal use or bulk orders for clubs.

We have recently sourced a new lightweight stuffing for the meditation cushions using recycled plastic material and are now using this.

Ali and Ken

In the summer of 1976 Alison, then in her early 20s started screen printing textiles in a pigsty. 5 years later, having progressed through tablecloths and pillowcases to leisurewear, her 'jog suits' were featured in the Telegraph, catapulting her designs into the public arena.

Her sister, Ruth, musician and dancer, joined her in 1980 Together they took up residence at Gravel Pit Cottages and danced their way through fashion shows up and down the country, even touring California with a silk collection in 1984.

A committed Yoga Practice helped to keep them on the road so it was a natural progression for Alison's prints to reflect this and for the duo to start turning up at BWY seminars and congress to show their latest range.

In 1986 an extrovert imp called Ken burst in upon their lives and when Ruth married and moved away, Ken took his place in the partnership. Soon Alison cemented the workforce by marrying it!


Alison (BWY Dip) has been teaching Yoga since 1995 and a few years ago mentioned to Ken that she supposed that when they got old she could turn the printing workshop into a yoga studio. Ken never waits for anything, especially old age, so in the Autumn of 2007 Ali found herself with a new streamlined printing workshop in an erstwhile storeroom and a fabulous oak floored Yoga Studio complete with log burner.

The friends they have made through Yoga are literally countless and all special, as people who do Yoga are full of integrity and inspiration. Now the time has come to call a halt to making the clothes, they would like to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all those wonderful people who have given their support over many years of memorable weekends and fun times.

As a mark of thanks to BWY members (and to help Ali finish her fabric as she hates waste) they are now giving a 10% discount on all the made up items bought or ordered.